Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Program


To make sure that we are the best place for you, you may take up to two classes with Sara Alavi, Director of Training, for free. We suggest that you attend different classes to understand the depth of our knowledge of the many approaches to yoga for all levels. No experience is required to begin the 200-hour program. It is best to visit with Sara in person to answer questions and understand the program.

This program is for all yoga students and seekers. This is an illuminated path for awakening, empowerment, confidence and success. No experience is required to begin. Best gift we can give ourselves is the quality of our time, to be present with ourselves and this is exactly to learn to live like that.

What else is in it for you? You will be inspired, feel heart-felt connections onto your most true self and smile a lot as you make new friends, life long friends! You will feel welcome here and excited to come to class. When you certify, you will know how to help all populations and all levels. You will know how to help those who are suffering from the symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and depression and hurting bodies. You will also know how to help those who are facing emotional and mental pain.

Come visit us and talk to those in our training. They feel so much more relaxed and clear-minded than when they started. Life changing experiences are constantly shared among them. Stress and anxieties melt away. They claim their power and confidence. Clarifying and fulfilling your missions, the reason you were born, is what this program is all about.

It’s my honor to welcome you! You will be warmly welcomed every time. You will know the reason so many love this peaceful, safe and calm place.

Sara Alavi, Director of Training

200 Hour

YTT Program
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