Recipes with essential oils, how to make your own blends and to create a wholesale account, without needing your social security informations Click below!

I use dōTERRA products that are infused with essential oils in cleaning my home, washing dishes, laundry, vitamins, probiotics, first aid medicine, hair care, skin care and many more ways.

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 dōTERRA has set the bar for essential oil purity and potency through rigorous scientific research and advanced testing of each oil that is put into production. Sara Alavi ID number to join under   2908607

Essential oils have been used for centuries in many cultures for their therapeutic qualities and have profound health benefits in the hands of experienced users. Single oils and even complex blends are effectively used in the following three ways:


The volatile nature of essential oils allows them to be easily evaporated and diffused throughout a larger space. Using this application method helps create an atmosphere where several individuals can enjoy the calming, stimulating, and soothing benefits of essential oils.


Essential oils are safely and easily absorbed by the skin allowing you to use a variety of topical application techniques to different parts of your body.


Whether you are taking capsules or the oil itself, essential oils can be used as dietary supplements supporting a variety of healthy conditions.

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