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Sara Alavi, E-500 RYT, Reiki Master, BS, Yoga School Director, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Yoga Therapist, Certified Yoga Teacher, Registered Experienced 500 hour Yoga Teach. doter Wellness Advocate. Member of the International Yoga Therapist Association. 

My personal Story to Yoga:

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In 1996 I lost sight in my left eye and became diagnosed with MS. I also developed a heart condition. All of those health issues surfaced within a few months, and I was determined to find out the root cause of my health problems. It was during the self-inquiry, meditation and yoga practice that I slowly began to see the cause of my pain. I received my Yoga Certification in 2000, regained my vision completely and have been healthy ever since.

Exploring the wonderful path of yoga has been life changing for me. My yoga practice has been a tool for me to keep coming back to the “now” of myself. I have learned that staying present with the life force that runs through us carried by our breath is the only reality we can know. Staying present and giving yourself and your loved ones the quality of your attention is the only authentic practice we can have. This is a reflection of living our yoga daily. The responsibility of teaching yoga and meditation has continued to deepen within my own practice. I am being reminded to notice divinity in the moments of our daily lives and to be aware of the pause between the breaths and the thoughts.

My message to the world is this: Be still and tap into your divine center. It is only in that stillness that we may feel the divine love and the support of the universe. 

Practicing yoga teaches us our human side. Yoga is an exceptional way to remind ourselves that even with our imperfections, we are enough.

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